Indulge Your Taste Buds in these Mind-Blowing Food Spots of Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is a mighty place that’s the home to hundreds of miles of scenic Great Lake Shorelines. This adventure hub is also a famous hub for all the adventure enthusiasts who dedicatedly come here every year to fulfill their thirst of adventure needs.

But you know what the best part of Wisconsin is? Food, of course. Everybody craves classy comfort food, right? And Wisconsin is known for its incredible restaurants that put a unique twist on some of the world’s most unique dishes.

So put on your stretchy pants because we are going to explore the top restaurants of this Midwestern state.

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  1. Embrace your Taste Buds at the Stanford Restaurant

If you are looking for a chic, relaxing dining experience than visit Stanford Restaurant. The chef here has won the James Beard award for the best chef in Midwest.

And if you are looking to enhance your experience then do try their exclusive Seven-Course Surprise Tasting Menu. This interesting menu is specially curated according to the whims of the chef and is paired with some of the best wine in the world.

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  1. Taste the Traditional at the Old Fashioned

Yes, we know that nothing can beat the taste of our old traditional food. Here at The Old Fashioned, you will find some of the best of Wisconsin’s Traditional food.

If you are here then do try out their fried Walleye Sandwich along with their beer cheese soup. Also to all the beer lovers, do try their local tap beer from their Old Fashioned House Brew.

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  1. Indulge your taste buds at Joe’s Texas BBQ

Who doesn’t want to indulge their taste buds into finger licking, delicious BBQ? If you are a BBQ lover, then there is definitely no chance of missing this place.

You will start loving your life more after you taste their amazingly tender sliced beef brisket. And once, you try it you will exactly know why this is such a worth it spot?

  1. Calm your pasta cravings at the Sebastian’s

The perfect Pumpkin ravioli here is to-die-for. It is enhanced with sage butter sauce, parmesan, red pepper, and roasted pine nuts.

For those who are worried about their health? Let me tell you that this pumpkin ravioli is delicious as well as highly nutritious. So why not indulge in having a little more ravioli here?

  1. Shorty’s Pizza is here to win your Heart

We know that are plenty of Pizza lovers who die to explore Pizzas in several new destinations across the world. They have some of the most amazing Pizzas in the world, and an amazing version of Poutine, that will literally make you go Wow.

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Get ready for the best Culinary Experience in Wisconsin.


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